Professional & Technical

The demand for Professional and highly Skilled Technical Professionals is ever growing within Saudi Arabia. At Workforce Saudia we are able to offer tailored solutions that best fits our clients requirements, be that Permanent Recruitment, a fully Outsourced employee or a Project based solution. It is essential to our continued growth and integral to the support of our client base in delivering a successful solution.

Typical positions include

  • HR Manager

  • Sales Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Product Manager

  • Accounting Manager

  • Finance Manager

  • Payroll Executives and Managers

  • Commercial Executives

  • Business Development Executives & Managers

  • Call centre Managers

  • Supply Chain and Logistics Manager

  • Procurement and Purchasing Executives & Managers

  • Project Manager

  • Lead Engineer

  • Design Engineer & Managers

  • Buidling Services Engineers and Managers

  • Program Managers

  • Health & Safety Managers

  • Civil & Structural Engineers & Managers

  • Architectural Engineers & Managers

  • Construction managers

  • Engineering Managers – All disciplines

  • Quantity Surveyor